How to design custom emojis for Slack or Discord


Nik Bagayogo

Design custom emojis for messaging platforms? You bet! It’s a great way to personalize conversations. Unique icons add creativity and fun. To create custom emojis, follow some guidelines.

Remember the dimensions and file format of the platform you’re using. They keep your emojis looking good. Consistent style and color palette? That ensures a cohesive look.

Important too: your emojis must be recognizable. Simplify shapes. Use bold outlines. Experiment with expressions and gestures.

When you’re done, upload them to the messaging platform. Most platforms have instructions. Pro Tip: Test emojis on different devices and resolutions. That way they stay effective and high-quality.

Understanding Emojis

Emojis are a must-have in today’s digital space. They let us express our emotions, convey messages, and show off our personality. To make the most of them, it’s key to understand their meanings. Let’s explore emojis and unlock their potential!

  • Emojis are symbols of feelings, things, or ideas. They can be smiley faces, animals, food, or flags.
  • The meaning of an emoji depends on the context. It could have different interpretations.
  • Animated emojis can add life to conversations. Some platforms have these.
  • Emojis vary across devices. They may look different on Apple, Android, or messaging apps.
  • Users can even create their own custom emojis for a more creative and personalized experience.

Did you know about Unicode? It’s the organization that ensures emojis are consistent on all platforms.

Now that you know all about emojis, it’s time to use them! Get creative with custom emojis on Slack or Discord and make your conversations stand out. Embrace the power of emojis today!

Importance of Custom Emojis

Custom emojis are essential for online platforms like Slack or Discord. They add a personal feel and creativity to conversations, enabling users to express reactions and emotions in an enjoyable manner.

Custom emojis bring character. They let people create their own icons, like a company logo, an inside joke, or a self-expression. It’s a way to feel included in the conversation. Beyond traditional text-based communication, custom emojis give users more freedom of expression.

In addition, custom emojis allow for quicker, more accurate communication. Emojis often display feelings and reactions better than words. Tailoring emojis to particular conversations or topics helps people express their thoughts effortlessly and saves time typing long explanations.

The history of custom emojis is intertwined with the growing need for expression in digital communication. They started as emoticons like 🙂 or ; -) and evolved into colorful images representing emotions and objects. As online platforms developed, users wanted personalized emojis to reflect their personalities and interests. This led to custom emoji features on platforms like Slack or Discord, where individuals and groups could better express themselves with unique visuals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Design Custom Emojis for Slack or Discord

Design custom emojis for Slack or Discord? Here’s a guide to get you started:

  1. Research the platform’s style and trends.
  2. Gather inspiration and sketch your idea.
  3. Digitize with Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.
  4. Export and upload your design.
  5. Consider transparent backgrounds.
  6. Seek feedback from the community.
  7. Experiment and let your imagination run wild!
  8. Make your conversations unique with custom emojis!

Tips for Creating Effective and Memorable Custom Emojis

Ready to get creative? Custom emojis can be fun and engaging! Here are some tips for making effective, memorable emojis:

  1. Keep it simple – use clean lines and few details.
  2. Think about culture – ensure your design is understood across cultures.
  3. Capture the feeling – focus on elements that evoke the emotion you want.
  4. Color choices matter – choose colors that match the message or feeling.

Remember to be creative and explore different concepts. An example: I was part of a team that created custom emojis that reflected our company culture. Everyone loved them! They added a fun layer and strengthened our community.

Tip Description
Use clear and simple designs Opt for clean lines and minimal details
Consider cultural context Ensure universal understanding restrain
Capture the essence Focus on key elements that evoke desired response
Choose appropriate colors Use colors that align with intended message or feeling

Uploading and Using Custom Emojis on Slack or Discord

Do you want to make your conversations on Slack/Discord more fun? Use custom emojis! Here’s how:

  1. Go to the settings/preferences of either.
  2. Look for the ‘add custom emojis’ option and click it.
  3. Choose an image/design that represents your style. It could be a funny face, logo…anything!
  4. Upload it and give it a name. This name will be the shortcut to insert the emoji in messages.
  5. Start using the emoji by typing its name or selecting it from the emoji picker.

Did you know custom emojis are popular for teams/communities? They help express identity and create a sense of belonging. Inside jokes, shared interests, culture – all can be expressed with custom emojis.

Why did custom emojis emerge? Because of the limitations of standard emoticons. People wanted to express themselves more visually, so custom emoji features were developed.

So go ahead – design custom emojis for Slack/Discord! It’s fun and a great way to enhance communication. Let your imagination go wild and see how these tiny icons can bring life to your online conversations.


Wrapping up our chat about customizing emojis for Slack or Discord? Let’s explore the creative ways to express ourselves in these platforms. Just follow the steps in this article to make your messages unique!

Size and format matter. To ensure clarity and visibility, design your emojis in the recommended dimensions. Varying styles and colors can make your emojis pop!

It is essential to stay consistent and coherent when designing custom emojis. Keeping a theme makes them recognizable and harmonious when used together. This provides a unified visual experience.

Animated emojis add fun and engagement to conversations. Use tools or software to bring your emojis to life with movement.

As a pro tip, check out existing emoji libraries for inspiration. Emojipedia is great for examples, categories, and trends in emoji culture.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Can I design custom emojis for both Slack and Discord?

A1: Yes, you can design custom emojis for both Slack and Discord. However, the process may vary slightly between the platforms.

Q2: What image format should I use for custom emojis?

A2: It is recommended to use PNG or GIF image format for custom emojis as they support transparent backgrounds and allow for better quality.

Q3: What size should the custom emojis be?

A3: For Slack, custom emojis should ideally be 128×128 pixels in size, while for Discord, they should be 32×32 pixels. It’s important to check the platform’s guidelines for any specific size requirements.

Q4: How can I upload custom emojis to Slack or Discord?

A4: To upload custom emojis to Slack, click on the emoji icon in the message input box, then select “Add Emoji” and follow the prompt. For Discord, go to your server, click on the down arrow next to the server name, select “Server Settings,” then navigate to the “Emoji” tab and click on “Upload Emoji.”

Q5: Can I use copyrighted or trademarked images for custom emojis?

A5: No, you should avoid using copyrighted or trademarked images for custom emojis unless you have proper authorization or permission. It’s best to create original or non-copyrighted designs.

Q6: Are there any limitations on the number of custom emojis I can upload?

A6: Slack allows a maximum of 50 custom emojis for free users, while paid plans have higher limits. Discord has a per-server limit, which varies depending on the server’s Boost level. You can check the platform’s documentation for specific limits.

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