Emoji-themed party ideas and decoration tips


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Ready to throw a smile-inducing emoji-themed party? Let’s explore some creative ideas and decoration tips! Give your venue a smiley-face vibe with yellow decor, balloons, and banners. Create a photo booth area with emoji props.

Add some pizzazz to your party with emoji-shaped cookies, cupcakes and fruit skewers. Serve signature cocktails with names like “The Winking Face” or “The Laughing Tears”. Keep your guests entertained with an emoji guessing game and DIY emoji crafts.

Rent a karaoke machine for some fun singing with emoji animations. Send your guests home with themed goody bags filled with items like stickers, small plush toys, or mini notebooks adorned with emojis.

These emoji-themed party ideas will create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere that encourages laughter and camaraderie. It’ll be an unforgettable experience that your guests will cherish! Now, let’s get ready to express ourselves through emojis in the most fun way possible!

Emoji-themed party decorations:

For an extra fun touch, why not make your celebration Emoji-themed? Here are five creative ideas to help you stand out:

  • Table centerpiece: Begin with Emoji-printed tablecloths or placemats. Then, add color with balloons of different sizes and shapes!
  • Wall decals: Cover one wall with Emoji-themed wall decals or stickers. This will create a cheerful backdrop for photos.
  • Hanging decorations: Hang Emoji-shaped paper lanterns or honeycomb balls from the ceiling. Use fishing line or ribbon to easily string them up.
  • Emoji-shaped balloons: Inflate large yellow balloons and draw Emojis on them using permanent markers. Pre-made emoji balloons are also available from party supply stores. Scatter them around the room for added excitement.
  • Food and drink labels: Customize labels for food and drink stations with Emoji stickers or printables. Add Emojis related to each item so guests can easily identify what’s on offer.

To make your decorations even more unique, add props like oversized Emoji pillows or life-sized cutouts of popular Emojis.

Did you know that World Emoji Day is on July 17th? It was founded by Emojipedia’s Jeremy Burge in 2014. A day to recognize the impact of emojis in digital communication! So, go ahead and make your Emoji-themed party decorations a memorable experience for all your guests.

Emoji-themed party food and drinks:

Emoji-themed parties are the latest trend! You can get creative with food & drinks. We’ve got some awesome ideas for ya!

For food, there’s emoji cookies, pizza with emoji faces, cupcakes with emojis, emoji popcorn & emoticon sandwiches. Drinks include emoji punch, lemonade with smiley, fruit punch with hearts, cola with sunglasses & mocktail with emojis.

😍 Personalize the food and drink names – like calling the pizzas “Cheesy Smiley Faces” & cupcakes “Sweet Emoji Delights.” Create a memorable experience for your guests! Experiment with flavors & capture the delicious moments on social media using #Emojipartyfeast. Throw an unforgettable emoji-themed bash!

Emoji-themed party games and activities:

Achieve a hit with your emoji-themed party! Here are some ideas to engage and entertain your guests:

  1. Emoji Pictionary: Give guests a list of phrases or movie titles and let them figure out which emojis represent them in a certain time.
  2. Emoji Charades: Divide into teams and act out the emojis for teammates to guess.
  3. DIY Emoji Crafts: Set up a crafting station with materials like paper, markers, glue, and scissors. Guests can make emoji face masks, keychains, or decorate t-shirts with fabric paints.
  4. Emojify Photo Booth: Provide props like heart eyes, sunglasses, and laughter tears. Guests can strike poses with different emoji faces on sticks.
  5. Pin the Emoji: Blindfolded participants must try to stick different emoji faces onto a larger poster-sized version without peeking.
  6. Emoji Scavenger Hunt: Hide emoji-related items and give clues or riddles related to specific emojis.

Pro Tip: Create custom bingo cards with different emoji combinations – interactive and exciting!

Emoji-themed party favors:

Personalized emoji keychains, mini notebooks and temporary tattoos can be creative party favors. Guests can choose their favorite emojis for the gifts. Plus, adding personalized thank you notes will make the experience even more special!

Encourage an extra photo booth activity with emoji-themed props. This will create fun memories and provide additional entertainment.


Hosting an emoji-themed party is a fun way to celebrate! Decorations, games, and even props for a photo booth can make the occasion even more special. Also, serve food that looks like popular emojis, like smiley face cookies or pizza with toppings arranged in the shape of emojis.

Activities like “Guess the Emoji” can keep everyone entertained. Custom-made invitations with personalized emojis for each guest will make them feel special. Plus, a live emoji character appearance can bring the party to life!

Everyone at the event I attended had a great time with lots of cherished memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What are some popular emoji-themed party ideas?

Some popular emoji-themed party ideas include emoji balloons, emoji cake and cupcakes, emoji photo booth props, emoji-themed games, and emoji-inspired decorations.

FAQ 2: How can I decorate my party with emoji-themed items?

You can decorate your party with emoji-themed items such as emoji banners, tablecloths, napkins, plates, and cups. Additionally, you can use emoji pillows, balloons, and wall decals to enhance the ambiance.

FAQ 3: Which colors should I use for an emoji-themed party?

The colors commonly associated with emoji-themed parties are yellow, black, and white. These colors are inspired by the classic yellow emoji face and can be incorporated into various party decorations.

FAQ 4: What are some fun games for an emoji-themed party?

Some fun games for an emoji-themed party include emoji charades, emoji Pictionary, emoji scavenger hunt, and an emoji trivia challenge. These games add an interactive element and keep the guests entertained.

FAQ 5: How can I create an emoji cake for the party?

You can create an emoji cake by baking a round cake, frosting it with yellow buttercream, and using fondant or edible markers to draw the desired emoji face. You can also opt for emoji-themed cake toppers or edible image sheets for an easier approach.

FAQ 6: Where can I find emoji-themed party supplies?

You can find emoji-themed party supplies at party supply stores, online party retailers, or popular e-commerce platforms. Additionally, you can explore craft stores for DIY emoji-themed party supplies.

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